I can dance. But there’s a time and place for that. And I don’t think that it was then and there.
Derrick Rose (via derrickmartellrose)

I think Lakers fans know that the Lakers throughout the course of history, one way or another, they always seem to find themselves back on top.
Kobe Bryant. (via laakersbaabe)

(Source: ESPN)

Kobe be lying. Kobe ain’t hurt. I know him.

Carmelo Anthony (via nbaquotes)


I haven’t played three in a row since ’99, when most of these kids were in grade school.
Kobe Bryant on tomorrows game against the Utah Jazz (via foreverla)

"You see that splash, thats why they call it WET”

“Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right, But In This Dirty Game It’s Bout Who’s Left, Fuck Right!” -RushDee McCoy Williams
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“A lot of guys have long arms, quick feet, great leaping ability. I’m not the fastest. Every advantage I have is because of preparation.” -Kobe Bryant

"Really it was my fault, imma learn from it"

Aww. Derrick rose, on the chances to end and win the game, but it not happening.

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