It’s another Sunday matinee as the Lakers take on the Celtics at STAPLES Center at 12:30PM PST on ABC. This is the final regular season match-up of the teams, the Lakers having held on to win 88-87 in OT in the first meeting, courtesy of a last second Pau Gasol block on Ray Allen.

a True champion. 
If you wanna be a good athlete, you should live your life like this guy and Kobe. 

I wish he wouldve hit him, i cant stand Rondo bitchass

If this is the 2009 playoffs round 1, this series was so great. And Rose looked nice.


As much as I dislike Boston, I got more respect for them than I have for the Heat. Let’s go Celtics! 

Almost Tipoff time!

Less than 30 mins away for these 2 teams to start the 2010-2011 season. Although i dint think the Heat will take it in the East, they probs will win tonight. But the show im waiting for is KOBE, tonight at 10:30. Im going to have to take a break from studying to watch, but i cant wait to watch him destroy Houston.

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